Keep us on the narrow path Lord..remind us of who we are!

Matthew 7:13-14  [The Narrow and Wide Gates]”;Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Dear God this path that you have called and chosen me to follow – because many are called BUT few are chosen – I pray today for your continued strength to push me through each thorn in the flesh that you have allow to buffet  me.  I thank for the thorns father.  They force me to rely on you.  Sometimes I am not even aware of the fact that the thorn is there.  I know that I feel the presence of something.  I know that the physical reaction is that that something is hurting  me, but do I know what it is? Sometimes no!  It’s like when I am gardening. I come into the house and something is aggravating me in my hand I just don’t know what it is..then as I do other things in the house I realize that I have a thorn in my flesh.  The only problem is I have allowed it to bury it self into my hand so getting it out is even harder.  Ii have had to rely on you to bring at least one thing to the surface so I could get it out.

Father please keep working with me and showing me who I am in the flesh, and who I am meant to be in the spirit.  Use whatever it takes to mold and shape me into the Joyce you want me to be.  Give me the patience to endure all things so I can be the light that you want me to be.  I pray for all those whom I have left behind on my job.  I pray for your divine protection on them father, that they will sense your holy spirit moving in their lives, that they will look to you and to you alone and step out  believing that you are there to make a way out of no-way.

I pray for the EA team to come to know you as THEIR personal friend and their GOD and that you have a divine appointment for them.  You have called them to reach thousands for the kingdom of God.  I pray that  that vision will be clear to them – why? BECAUSE every single one of them have a thorn in the flesh! Bless them Lord Jesus let them see the urgency of their calling and give them the drive an desire to serve you and your people.  The internet is so impersonal, but millions out there need Jesus..many will never come to know him without this medium.  I thank you for the daily visitors who actually come to this blog and support this thorn in the flesh ministry.  It warms my heart each time someone posts.  Teach each of us Lord Jesus and our Heavenly father to live more like you and to love more like you…remind us daily that the through which we walk is narrow and only few find it.  Keep us from the wide path that leads to destruction. IN JESUS HOLY MIGHTY AND MAJESTIC NAME..amen!!

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  1. Sherri Rogers
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 14:16:28

    WOW!!! This scripture and prayer has touched my whole being right now! Awesome prayer and exactly what I feel in my heart. I am going to read this prayer out loud, the second time (after posting this) because I want the Lord to hear this prayer from me too! Oh God…yes….please DO…teach each of us to live more like You and for sure LOVE more like You!! I want to enter into that NARROW gate of eternity! 🙂


  2. Writerpro
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 15:22:46


    Only You know recently, like last week, I thought about how many will go before You, crying “Lord, Lord,” and how frightening it is to me, personally, to understand how real that possibility exists. God, the prospect of living in hell, away from You, sickens me. I pray You move me however YOU see fit to continue creating me for Your Kingdom purposes and for the plans You already have in place for me.

    I thank You, Father God, for this time of reckoning. Of my eyes being opened to how hopeless and vile I am without You. Without Your hope. I thank You for always, always providing hope when I am so weary of my wicked self and ways in that You bring people into my life who guide me. You know how alone I am, Father. You know how I lack Christian sisters and brothers in real personhood, like where I live, to come along side of me like Barnabus did for Paul. You know how You orchestrate temporary people, YOURS, who do so. And, I thank You, Father for this provision. I thank You for the provision of this blog as well as the one I call weekly for conversation and guidance in and through You. I know some day there will be a time when we all meet in Your presence to worship and praise YOU together….as Your bride. Oh God, I long for that day!

    God, I’ve heard so clearly what I understand You to want me to do right now for healing. I’ve prayed and prayed for years for healing for my family. All of it. Including my sister and her family, my mom, and of course, my immediate family. The ones You born me into and the ones You’ve graciously given me.

    Father, thank You for revealing in order for others to be healed, the process starts with me. It’s You and me, Lord. I get that. When the bondages are broken and the chains removed, I will truly be healed and freed. That ripples to others, Lord. Thank You for the ripples.

    I thank You for opening my eyes and mind to what You’ve revealed lately. How codependent I am. How wrong it is to live this way and how so much You are working to answer my prayer of learning to love others as You call us to do. The journey started last year because of the scriptures and blogs I read here and with EA as You effectively used Joyce and this team to help me understand the urgency of thus. I thank You for doing so, Lord.

    I am confident what work You have started in me, You will complete. Thorns and all. For, You promised me about 10 years ago You will bring me beauty for these ashes I bear. You will make me an oak of Your righteousness. My descendants, the ones You’ve given me will be known in other countries and in Your Son’s mighty power we will rebuild the ancient ruins brought into our lives by abuses and alcoholism.

    God, I know that I know in this journey to wellness, You will fully reveal my next steps because I trust You, Father. I love You. And, because I know You love me, too.

    Thank You, Father. Thank You for Jesus for it is in his name I ask these things….Amen


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