Forgive us


what an awesome Sunday of worship and instruction.  You taught us how to separate ourselves from people who are habitually sinning. How to love them regardless of the sin, but to separate ourselves from them because if we roll around with dogs who have fleas we will become infested.  The infestation of sin is a slow process.  After a while we begin to convince ourselves that the sinful thought that we are having are just our thoughts and they are not hurting anyone.  After a while those thoughts become actions father and then sin has manifested itself.

Heavenly father be gracious to us as we learn and grow, and learn to love as your love.  As we separate ourselves form the associations that so easily beset us.  Help us to develop relationships with people who are solidly grounded in the Lord and who enhance us and sharpens us to move forward in the work you have called us to do.

As we begin this work week father keep us cognizant of the fact that you live in us and that holiness and sin cannot walk together because they do not agree.

Bless us as we bless others. and forgive us of our stubborness–in  Jesus name amen!

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