Matthew’s Praise Report…!!

Bob  just called me!  He was able to talk to Matthew’s Aunt again. She said that when Matthew was first admitted into the hospital, that the doctors gave him “no” chance for survival at all. They put him into this induced coma to help him heal and said if at all, this would be the “only” way he would live. Yesterday, Matthew woke up and asked his Dad: “where am I”? She said that the entire family really, really appreciates all the prayers and they are convinced that ALL of our prayers are being answered..!! She said, that before this happened to Matthew, they had all gotten away from the church, but they are believing now, that this is the way that God is calling them ALL back..!! Bob told her about this ministry and she is just so very, very thankful and grateful to you all. She gave Bob a HUGE HUG and said to make sure he told you how much it means to the entire family to have you all praying for Matthew!!! Matthew was put back into an induced coma to help him to heal quicker. So we need to all continue to pray BIG!!!

Chelsea Is Praising God…

Thank you everyone for praying for me yesterday through surgery! I can SEE! ♥ Awe-Mazing. Feeling a little dizzy, have double vision, and in pain, but I am SO blessed!!!! Gahhhhh~He blessed this experience in such awesome lengths! Had great company with my mom and husband to OKC and they helped me soo much! The nurse who helped me was in tears of our great God as she never literally knew anyone who wasn’t raised as a Christian and who loved Jesus ♥ God’s presence was SO present in that room!! She then brought in other nurses into the room to hear of God’s resurrecting power through the lives of Kevin and I. All praise to Him who loves the undeserving ♥ ♥ Awesome. The anesthesiologist was awesome and my doctor/surgeon came in with his two helpers and my dr held my hand and prayed such a beautiful Holy Spirit led prayer ♥ ♥ ♥ Yeah, umm, I was wondering before this why Jesus didn’t just simply heal me as I know it’s nothing for Him to do, but I now know Exactly why He allowed this surgery…to be a blessing in His name to others while He uses them to be a blessing to me as well. ~Priceless~ Wouldn’t change that for Anything! After the surgery…I don’t remember this part…but Kev and my mom was in the room trying to get to me to go on a Jesus rampage (that “JC’s in the house” thing that some of you might have seen on a video from a girl who was on anesthesia…and Kev asked, “Chels, is Jesus here?” Supposedly I said, “I don’t know! Just Ask Him!!” Ha Ha!! ♥ ♥ Jesus, You are so real…so present…SO incredible. I’m in Love with You ♥ … have Absolutely No idea how this looks because I can’t make out the words at all…so, sorry if it’s all CrAzY ♥ God bless ♥

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