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  1. Contents. 1
  2. Our History. 1
  3. MISSION.. 1
  4. VISION.. 2
  5. VALUES. 3
  6. VIEWS. 4


Our History

Have you ever sat in the dark, lost, alone? Your problems overwhelming you. You are at your wit’s end. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!! We have all been there at one time or another in our life. This blog is the result of a joint ministry. It was originally the brainchild of Wynette Hendrick and Joyce Gerald, responding to the Lord’s call to ministry. Others have joined the ministry team, and Wynette went to join her heavenly Father in 2012. At that time, Joyce, who had been writing devotionals for the blog since its beginning, became the primary contributor to the blog.  The blog will continue to present the Gospel in a real-world manner for everyone’s edification.  The ministry will be launching a new service to its readers shortly.

Statement of Faith

The book publisher’s page for the book| 


The mission of the You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) by being living examples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While sharing the good news of God’s sacrificial offering of his Son for mankind and the grace, he extends to mankind through Jesus Christ.

“How we do mission flows from our understanding of God’s Mission, and the establishment of a biblical foundation that directs and shapes our daily behavior as authentic servants of God. (Wheeler and Whaley, 2012, p. 106) To be authentic servants, we must accept God’s invitation to participate in His mission in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and around the world. Tall order? Only if we are not willing to be obedient to God’s call on our lives.

Discipleship requires a well-developed plan, training, skills, a tenacity. However, a plan without a vision is not implementable. The five “Vs” of discipleship demonstrates empowerment by God and the Holy Spirit.

God must cast

  1. the vision,
  2. determine the values,
  3. become the focal point of the views,
  4. and provide the vehicles to drive the implementation of the discipleship process.

The plan below will address these areas as well as the verifiers that will provide empirical evidence of the effectiveness of the plan.


The vision of the You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service is to utilize social media, the internet, and its devotional blog to faithfully engage all people groups in The Great Commission.

The ministry is powered by the Holy Spirit in obedience to God’s will for mankind as it reaches people groups all over the world for the Kingdom of God. This ministry is not a regional one. This vision is a “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). [1] Due to the vastness of the internet and the current qualitative data that is available on the site, the ministry is reaching out to groups of varying ages and ethnicity. It envisions reaching individuals of various religious backgrounds.

The You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service follows the directive referenced in Ephesians 4:12  (NIV), “equip [God’s] people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” [2] The building up of the saints is part of The Great Commandment of Matt. 22:36–40 and The New Commandment of John 13:34. The team demonstrates the love of God by its obedience to him, and it reflects its love of humanity in its dedication to The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. Obedience to God is indicative of the manner in which the team adheres to relational examples of the early church in Acts 2:42-47. It follows the organizational structure of roles and responsibilities of leaders and members detailed in Ephesians 4:11-16. The goal of this ministry is to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world following the edict of Col. 1:28-29. This “BHAG” is not one that is humanly possible.

However, Jerry Falwell, the visionary leader who started Liberty University, encouraged Liberty seminary students by stating, “God wants you to have dreams that are bigger than your life.” [3] The You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service also believes that God wants its vision to be God-sized. When the vision is God-Sized, it results in Him receiving the praise glory and honor that is due to him.


The You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service values servant-leadership that is Christ-centered. Its core values are:

The scriptural references in this table speak to the expected behaviors of the team leaders and or members of the ministry. They confirm the biblical expectations of the team. The centrality of Christ that powered Pauline theology powers the team’s values (Colossians 1:16-19, 2:6, 3:1-4, the book of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Corinthians). The Lord directs us to, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone [however, this cannot be achieved without being] . . . holy; without holiness, no one will see the Lord.” (Heb. 12:14). McNeal encapsulated the vision and values of the EA ministry with this statement,

Great spiritual leaders bless people. Depending on their sphere of influence, this blessing may extend to those in their organization, their spiritual tribe, a region, an entire nation, the whole human race—whoever populates their leadership constellation. Great spiritual leaders are not just given to great issues; they are given to people. In the end, this capacity to bless is the deciding category that elevates them to greatness in spiritual leadership. The spiritual enterprise is about enhancing peoples’ lives. God is in the people business. [6]

The enhancement of people’s lives requires thoughtful views that provide a clear perspective of the ministry and where it is going. Each member of the team knows their role and also who their support persons are.


The most important ministry perspectives for the You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service are; disciple/discipleship, coaching/mentoring, leader/leadership, and ministry. The You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service is not solely a brick and mortar ministry it also serves people online. The construct of “multiplying” leaders for growing the Kingdom of God through small group cells is a central theme behind the concept of discipleship. [7] Dave Earley and Rod Dempsey expounded on the importance of this perspective, “The world is growing by multiplication, and yet, too often the church is trying to grow in addition. In order to catch up with, and keep pace with, the multiplying population of the world, we must multiply multipliers.” [8]

Joel Comisky described the early church and how discipleship was demonstrated, “In all three of the major passages (Eph. 4; Rom. 12; 1 Co. 12-14) in which Paul talks about the body of Christ, he defines each member’s role by his or her corresponding gifts. In fact, when Paul talks about the church as the body of Christ, the implication is that the believers exercised their spiritual gifts. They had the opportunity to interact among themselves.” [9] The You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Service has already conducted a spiritual gifts survey with its members.

It is important that the persons whom the online ministry disciples have an opportunity to become a member of a local community. Knowing this it is essential that this online ministry reaches out to brick and mortar ministries that have a proven and effective track record of discipleship, “multiplying” and growing the saints. [10]

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  1. Joyce
    Feb 25, 2015 @ 10:00:54

    Praise Report: Hey Luz, I want to thank everyone for lifting my name up to Our Heavenly Father in prayer for healing. Partway through my treatment today I overheard the technician calling for the doctor. After about five minutes the treatment was finished and we spoke with the doctor who proceeded to tell us that the tumor was no longer there. God be praised and God bless you all, love, Hector and Guddy


  2. Shawn Eaglin
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 09:08:46

    I would like to receive devotionals daily


  3. Joyce/EM
    Jun 10, 2016 @ 22:37:06

    Shawn if you registered each time a devotional is posted you should receive it 🙂


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