If you’re not sure what’s to come after you die, watch this incredible short film. English and Russian

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  •  If you’re not sure what’s to come after you die, watch this incredible short film.ENGLISH

Если вы когда-либо задумывались о том, почему жить так тяжело, посмотрите этот потрясающий короткий фильм. Russian Version



What happens when you die without knowing Jesus as your Savior? You go to hell. You are eternally separated from God, His goodness, and His love and will be tormented in Sheol forever because of your sinful nature. Hell is the eternal separation from God due to a sinful and unrepentant life on Earth. In other words, God doesn’t send people to hell. People make that decision themselves. In Jesus’ parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16), it appears that those in hell have the ability to see heaven, the place where the righteous do after death, but that a great chasm divides the two, so neither can pass from one into the other. 

These are some terms used to describe hell in scripture:

  • Gehenna: A valley used in the past for child sacrifice, often equated to the eternal flaming punishment of hell.
  • Sheol: Grave or dwelling place of the dead, often used in the Old Testament. Doesn’t necessarily mean hell, but it can. 
  • Hades: The Greek word for hell, used throughout the New Testament

Read a more detailed explanation about hell here:

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