Are you a person who hears the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit at night…

I love the work of C. S. Lewis. When I read his books I look for the spiritual implications for my life. I am including one of those excerpts today and my take on it as it applies to my life, and yours. Let me know what you think.

When the Lion had first begun singing, long ago when it was still quite dark, [Uncle Andrew] had realized that the noise was a song. And he had disliked the song very much. It made him think and feel things he did not want to think and feel.

Lewis 2010, 220.

In Psalm 119:105, the Word of God is likened to light. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” When we walk through unknown territories in the dark, we use a flashlight in order to see. In the above excerpt from “A Year With Aslan: Daily Reflections from The Chronicles of Narnia” The character speaks about the song emoting feelings that He did not want to acknowledge/experience and thought he did not want to think. When God begins to speak to your heart and you yield to that tugging, nudging, distant calm, and loving voice you do not want to respond. It is a new feeling. It is requiring you to be different and it is scary.

Then, when the sun rose and he saw that the singer was a lion (“only a lion,” as he said to himself) he tried his hardest to make believe that it wasn’t singing and never had been singing—only roaring as any lion might in a zoo in our own world. “Of course it can’t really have been singing,” he thought, “I must have imagined it. I’ve been letting my nerves get out of order. Whoever heard of a lion singing?”


Everything always looks better when the sun is shining. But the unimaginable was happening right in front of the character’s face. Have you walked out of your front door and felt such a deep appreciation for all of God’s creation that it felt as if He was speaking to you directly from all of it? Sometimes I have a hard time walking and praying because I see and hear too much from nature as I walk through the garden. Sometimes I have to make myself focus even more so on the people whom I am praying for and the joy that they need to experience when the darkness in their lives begins to lift.

And the longer and more beautifully the Lion sang, the harder Uncle Andrew tried to make himself believe that he could hear nothing but roaring. Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed. Uncle Andrew did. He soon did hear nothing but roaring in Aslan’s song. Soon he couldn’t have heard anything else even if he had wanted to. And when at last the Lion spoke and said, “Narnia, awake,” he didn’t hear any words: he heard only a snarl. And when the Beasts spoke in answer, he heard only barkings, growlings, baying, and howlings.



I remember a person – a long time ago who went through a period of darkness. But I also remember the fact that the Light of Jesus was shining, at first dimly, but as she opened herself up to it more and more, it shone like the sunrise after a long dark night. This is how we were when we received Christ. Then the world steps in and begins to cloud our judgment. It muddles our belief systems. We try to rationalize why our thoughts, and the thoughts of this world, are more important than the voice of the Lord. We look for solutions for mankind’s problems outside of the sweet Holy Spirit. We look for the hurtful, fearful, alarming, unfathomable things that are happening, and we expect immediate solutions for them. We will build our own golden calves, and when they do not meet our spiritual needs, we become disillusioned. When the Lord sends us a reprieve from all of the confusion and noise around us – we still hear the noise. We still want it to continue because it has become normal for us.

When Jesus speaks to us, do we hear a harsh and hateful growling voice that is telling us what we can and cannot do/ Or do we hear the sweet sound of a loving father and SON telling us, “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left?” Isa 30:21. We can either be, and live like, Uncle Andrew and focus on the challenging scriptures of The Bible and everything that is around us, or we can “walk in the way.” His way of love and compassion. Please listen to the voice of an unseen caller, whose existence appears to have been almost forgotten for the last few years. 


2010, Lewis, C. S. A Year With Aslan: Daily Reflections from The Chronicles of Narnia. HarperCollins. KINDLE EDITION

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