Want to experience joy?

Zephaniah 3 17 2020

We can all choose to remember this scripture as we travel through this pandemic. It may look bleak. It may appear to be a huge inconvenience in the flow of our lives. Or, we can thank the Lord for our mandatory vacation from the busyness of life and press into His word and into His arms. Reach out to our brethren and learn how to live then better than we have loved them before.

  1. Connect with the unconnectable.
  2. Connect with the unloveable.
  3. Connect with the Sinner.
  4. Connect with your neighbor.
  5. Connect with our whole heart.
  6. Connect by sharing His love.
  7. Connect and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  8. Connect and accept His rejoicing.
  9. Connect and worship Him with singing.
  10. Connect and receive His joy.



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