He paid a costly price for our freedom – embrace it!

Who has ever heard of anyone choosing bondage instead of freedom? Well, we do it every day.  Yesterday something happened to me that made me think “WOW!” Why would that person do that to me and themselves? Then I realized that I could choose to get that event out of my mind or I could stay in bondage to it. I am choosing to ask my Good’ Good’ Father to get it out of my mind. Christ suffered and I died so I could be free from:

  1. Spiritual bondage: This is the worse kind of bondage because even after accepting Christ we can still be in spiritual bondage because religious people can have us so bound up in legalism, or liberalism, that we are bound to “their” way of thinking, feeling, experiencing, and or believing in Jesus instead of the purity of the Word of God.
  2. Emotional bondage: We sometimes prefer to be bound to our circumstances, our past, our hurts, our failures, what people have said someone did to them that they might do to us too, or even worse our own self-imposed “God complex!” What is that? Thinking that it is our job to “save” everyone. It is not our job to save a single person. Jesus saves and Jesus only. Our only job is to love everyone – without conditions attached.
  3. Not to detail the bondage of addictions!

We really need to keep our minds free – Christs paid a costly price for that freedom!


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