Are we experiencing a crisis in leadership?

As a Christian leader, this writer’s leadership capabilities have always extended themselves to non-Christian environments as well Christian environments.  The writer does not think that it is possible for a Christian leader to work in a non-Christian environment and not bring these skills to the table.  Christians bring the Holy Spirit with them where ever they go.  As a former public school administrator, praise and worship leader, leader of an online Christian ministry this writer ascertained that the qualities of a Christian leader are the same qualities of any servant leader. According to Don Howell, “New Covenant servant-leaders learn, by imitating their servant-Lord, to abandon their own agendas and preferences in order to seek the good of their fellow servants.” [1]  Due to a lack of understanding of this construct presented by Howell, we are currently seeing a more intense interest in the topic of leadership.[2]

Is it possible that we are experiencing this intense interest in leadership due to a lack of,

. . . . theology [ during] leadership development. [Or, could it be due to a lack of emphasis within the framework of sermons, mentorship, and leadership development in the body of Christ? The best place for leaders in non-Christian environment to be provided leadership training is within a theological framework.] Both are endorsed in the Scriptures and both are needed for a thriving flock. From this context, leadership can be developed in the Church based upon this integral Biblical leadership to be extended into other areas of leadership theory and development.[3]

Justin Irving proffers a model for effective servant leadership practice which is research based.  He stated,

The Biblical call to servant-oriented behaviors—a call most dominantly seen in the example and teaching of Jesus—is a call that is not only Biblical, but also is demonstrably effective. As leaders take up the call to walk the servant-oriented pathway of Christ, it is my hope that the model presented and described in this reflection provides practical insights for present and emerging leaders as they seek to implement servant leadership practices in their work with followers, teams, and organizations.[4]

The writer’s question to her brothers and sisters in Christ is this?  Are we experiencing a national crisis in leadership, in almost every venue, because of the manner in which leaders are being trained?  Based on the readings of current events this spring and current empirical research, the writer’s response is, yes.  What is the Christian’s response to this crisis?

” Pray for kings. Pray for everyone who is in authority. Pray that we can live peaceful and quiet lives. And pray that we will be godly and holy.” )1 Timothy 2:2 NIRV). That is simple enough is it not?  We have a responsibility for this crisis in leadership.  Maybe we are not praying enough!


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  1. Bueller
    Mar 31, 2015 @ 10:53:15

    Not praying enough! Hmmmm, that is an interesting concept. Could it be that those in the leadership position are not taking on the Christ-like robes in which to lead?? That and apathy seem to be the major problems we have here and across the world. So many being killed and persecuted for their religion and yet we don’t do what we should, we back a country (Iran) who has made it little doubt in anyone’s mind they feel Israel as well as the US need to be wiped off the face of the earth and yet we placate them and turn our backs on our Allies. That is not leadership, that is in no way Christ-like. We need those who will support and actually show leadership in both our churches and our politicians. There has long been a growing lack of leadership on both counts.


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