Jesus is calling are you listening?

“The sheep listen to [the Shepherd’s] voice and heed it, and he calls his own sheep by name and brings (leads) them out.” (John 10:3)

All of creation is doing what it was created to do, So what about me?

  • What were we made to do? The Godhead left specific directions for us.
  • Here is one of them:

Love embodied in humans. Love to God and Love of man.

Love embodied in humans. Love to God and Love of man.

  • The second directive from the Godhead is simple:
  1. Reflect on that?  How are you doing with either one of these commands?
  2. Has he been telling us what to do and we are just choosing not to?
  3. Have WE  been listening to him, through his word, each day?

Post what you heard in from him at the beginning of 2014 ?

  1. When you listened to God, what happened?
  2. When you didn’t, what happened then?
  3. What did you decide to do now that you have learned that now listening is not an option?
  4. His voice is still and gentle – can you hear it?
  5. What things will you do differently when you hear it list at least seven things?
  6. How can the Egg Angels Ministry Team help you?  Here are some resources that you may use to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Command.

We are here to come alongside you and assist you in your ministry.  Let us know how we can do just that.

God Bless as you go forward in Jesus name.

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  1. Bueller
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 11:21:07

    His voice is still and gentle! Amen to that! When I first realized what his voice sounded like it was beyond belief that God would take the time to talk to me….a sinner. But, with his still and gentle voice He brought me through the darkest of times and made me the Christian I am today. What did he tell me at the beginning of 2014?? To be Christ like in all my actions, words and deeds. That is what He continues to tell me into 2015. It is so easy to follow God’s words when you are thinking as Christ thought as opposed to what most of us think about in our worldly everyday thoughts. God blesses us and speaks to us only when we listen and stop talking through God.


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  3. Joyce
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 18:10:43

    You are so right Bueller 🙂


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