Today’s Prayer Taken from the Prime Time with God website

I post these prayers because so many times they say just exactly what I am feeling but maybe can’t quite find the words for. But about a month ago I received this link in my email box and it has been a blessing for me ever since. I hope that it is for you also. Some days there will be prayers from me, but some days I will use others words. But I will always let you know who the author is. I hope these bless you as much as they do me!
God, When I remember the story of Joseph’s life, I realize how you want so much more for me than I could ever dream of. I also see how you can turn what man means for evil into what you mean for good. Please bring this to my mind whenever I’m feeling doubt and confusion; whenever I’m feeling oppressed and alone; whenever I’m feeling unjustly treated; whenever I think that I don’t have something I need. I know that you are in control. I pray that I will always allow you to do your work and that I will not interfere in your plans for me. Please give me strength and fill me with your desires for me. Thank you, loving Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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