May 18, 2011 Something new for you!

Our Lord and Father has been busy in my life in the past couple of months. There are lots of new interests and helpful things that have been added to the blog. One of the things that He has pressed upon me is the need to stay in touch with the people out there that are in need. I was having a little trouble trying to incorporate all of the day-to-day happenings into the articles I post on my past experiences. They became very long and cumbersome and hard to read. So in one of my long talks with my Father, He convicted me with this addition. I will be posting to this tab “Day by Day” each and every day. I will relate the fabulous and amazing things that the Lord is doing in my life. So many of the things that are happening today are due to the experiences that I have had in the past. By separating the traumas from the things that are occurring in the present day, you will be able to see how the Lord has used the terrible things that have happened to shape me into the Prayer Warrior that I am today. I will be asking you, the reader, to comment on the things that you read. How does the Lord work in your life? How has this blog affected you? How has the things that you have read here impacted your life? Do you have a life changing experience that you would like to share? If you post a comment here, your information is protected and will never be shared or sold to an outside party.
I have also obtained a Post Office Box for those of you who prefer the private communication method. I will answer each letter that I receive. The address is:
You’re Not The Only One
P.O. Box 233
Slaton, Texas 79364

There are so many new avenues coming up in the future! Come along with me and be a part of spreading the Word of God to every corner of the world. I speak and pray blessings on every person that comes here for comfort, healing and who knows maybe even a chuckle now and then.

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  1. Joyce Gerald/EM
    May 18, 2011 @ 20:01:51



  2. Sherri
    May 20, 2011 @ 13:31:29

    Such a great idea Wyn…awesome!! 🙂

    Thank you God for this blessing…


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