Today’s Prayer

This one is very close to my heart.
Dear Father in Heaven,
You know how hard it is to see your children and families hurting when they do not communicate with you and one another, when they are self-centered, out of your will, and following the wrong paths. Maybe they get too busy to nourish the really important relationships in their lives. I pray right now for my own family, for all of the families around the world, for husbands and wives who have grown apart or are on the verge of divorce, for children who are rebellious and angry, for parents who are too busy and irritated, for those who are bitter or hurt. God please reach down and tug on their hearts, speak to their minds, and show them the way. I pray that the root of their problems will be exposed and that through the Holy Spirit, through Your Word, through a caring friend or a concerned Christian, or whatever way you know is best, that you will turn around those lives that are headed the wrong direction and put them back together. I pray that these families will become healthy, happy, God-honoring, communicating and loving families. And God, for the families that are doing well, I pray that you would protect them from the evil one; surround them with guardian angels; and keep that family under your wings of love and guidance.
Thank you, in Jesus’ name,

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  1. Bernice
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 12:14:07

    Tears are streaming as I say AMEN!


  2. donna/snobird4evr
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 12:52:54

    wyn, i can’t find the words i want to say.. this hit me square in the eyes and has shown me i’m doing the best i can for each day that goes by and all the anger at being so wronged by so many i love.. i’ve worked thru the anger and am now at peace in my heart because forgiveness finally found it’s way into it.. i know i can’t change the past and now i can leave it where it belongs, the past… it’s over and the future isn’t here yet so one day at a time i do the best i can and stay alert to the messages He gives me to keep me on the path He wants me on… i love ya, sis!!!


  3. Wynette aka Flip Flip
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 14:49:18

    O ladies, I am only God’s messenger. I am so glad that He chose me to touch the lives of the people that read this blog. I know that when He nudges me to do something, it is because He has a purpose in mind. I am still learning not to doubt that nudge nor argue with the impulses that invade my inner being. Please put the praise where it belongs and Praise His Name! With His help we will succeed in all of the things He wants us to do.
    Bernice, you have made me cry so many times, when you follow the calling of the Lord. Thank you for being such a dedicated prayer warrior.
    Donna, all of that hate is now exactly where it belongs-at the foot of the cross. In God’s capable hands. If we try to hang on to that anger-the only person that it damages is ourselves. Do not give it another thought so that it does not come back in a multiple dose. I love you too Sis In Christ!


  4. EM
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 10:22:37

    In Your holy name we pray amen
    Our families are given to us for a time and for a period–they are not ours to hang unto to – they are yours and we are their temporary custodians.

    Remind us each day Father that we are not totally responsible for the decisions that people make in their lives. As long as they are at an age where they comprehend good from bad the decision is their and so are the rewards.

    I pray that families will follow the admonishment of your word, and place it on their doorposts. Speak and live it in season and out of season. To love each other with the word of the Father as the Father loves us…and they will realize that they are yours Lord first and foremost.


  5. Wynette aka Flip Flip
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:35:28

    Amen Em!!


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