Bernice’s Praise Report!


Here’s a praise report concerning my daughter’s recent three day hospitalization. As my husband and I awaited her dismissal, one of her doctors came in for follow-up instructions. the doctor explained what happened was something rare. She said the issue found DID NOT cause her immense right quadrant pain. At the point, I was too tired and happy about her dismissal to ask “Well, what did, then?” I did ask the doctor what to do should this experience happen again.

(Here’s the God Moment): She replied, “Well, we PRAY it does not, but if it does, then go through the same procedure.” When she said the word PRAY, I looked in her eyes and literally saw what I call the “presence of Jesus.” It was not a form, as in physical being, but was more like an acknowledgement that those words came directly from Him. Instantaneously, I thought about how your prayer warriors and you interceded for my baby and how odd it was for a doctor to use the word PRAY. My suppositions about my daughter going through this again ceased and this peace came over me that all was well and she was in good hands.

Also, as I drove home, this thought popped in my mind reinstating that glance was meant specifically for me as obviously God heard the prayers of those interceding for our family. What a huge blessing it was to feel/see our Lord with us during a time when I could no longer think and all I wanted to do was be with my baby.

I praise God for the word and glance and am equally thankful for you who prayed for us. Thank you for ministering to us in this manner. (((HHHUUUGGGSSS)))

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