Bernice’s Praise Report

Also, thanks for the prayers concerning TS Don. I got so tickled at our local weather man stating TS Don just seemed to fizzle out before coming ashore at Brownsville in the Texas Valley area. He kept saying how disorganized this storm was and how the winds were calmer then expected. I had to giggle inside because I knew the Lord heard your prayers. I am so thanking Him for listening and for allowing the storm to not hit full force. We also had some rain, so that is good, too. And, yes, the electricity stayed on.

Thank You Father God and thank each of you for your prayers in this matter.

God bless and keep each of you!

Linda’s Praise Report!

Praise God for His goodness with my sister’s surgery. The surgeon was able to repair both tendons and I believe stitch the nerve back together. She came through the general anesthesia fine and is resting with her arm up and putting ice on it for 20 min out of each hour. She has asked me to thank all of you for your prayers and wants me to convey her appreciation. She will be grateful for your continued prayers through her re-hab. Thank you so much each of you for your prayers.

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