Giving Tuesday – Help this Ministry to help the Needy & Visually Impaired.

This ministry provides guidance and support to people from all walks of life. This ministry exists solely because of the donations from people like you. It is because of people, like you, who want to ensure that no person has to sit at home without food each day, that we go out each week to fight food insecurity. I am sure that you also want to support a ministry that provides a kind and gentle hand or voice to talk to lonely individuals or even a person who will provide them with rides to their local doctors’ appointments, etc. If you’ve been reading the news, you know how challenging life can be for a person of poverty. The ministry also wants to reach out to persons in this area who visually impaired. There are no services in our area for visually impaired persons. We are exploring the possibility of providing services in this area to visually impaired persons. Will you donate?  Will you help us to grow this ministry so it can come alongside persons who need assistance?


 How can you do that?

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