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  3. Intentional Parenting
  4. Pre-and Post-Marital Counseling: Symbis & PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator 1
  5. Educational Consulting/Curriculum Mapping
  6. Grant Writing: State  and Federal Grants
  7. Identity & Ethics: Pastoral Counseling
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Why choose us?

Sometimes individuals simply want to talk to someone about the life challenges that they are encountering. Joyce graduated in May 2017 with an MCM in Pastoral Counseling. The ministry plans to offer advice, guidance and consulting services to anyone who contacts it. This is an online service. You Are Not The Only One Ministries and Consulting Services Inc. (URNOT) as an advisory guidance opportunity for people who are not seeking traditional counseling but want life challenges advice from the perspective of a Christian. As an ordained Pastor, Joyce approaches her talks with you from the standpoint of Scripture and the fact that God already has a solution for your life challenges. This model is called a Solution Based Short-Term Pastoral Counseling. If you are seeking a listening ear from an individual who is a practicing Christian, then You Are Not The Only One is perfect for you. If you are seeking advice in the areas of spiritual challenges and or information about implementing the spiritual disciplines for connecting with God, Contact us.

Find out how God figures in your relationships with others. These pre and post-marital discussions on relationship building occur after taking the SYMBIS and or PREPARE/ENRICH assessments. Biblical wisdom or matters related to spiritual warfare are active in the process of relationship building. If you are experiencing these dissonant discourses, then You Are Not The Only One Ministries & Consulting Services is the best fit for you.

The staff at URNOT are not licensed therapists, but rather pastors who are degreed in pastoral counseling. The ministry also provides facilitation services for marriages [see SYMBIS and Prepare/Enrich] and officiates weddings.

How will you receive services?

You may use your phone, Skype, Messenger Video, or Zoom for your consultation. A Face to Face discussion is also possible. This ministry is not led by licensed mental health practitioners.


Please Book an Appointment. To discuss further details about the services listed below. If you need an appointment time that is not on the schedule, just send me a message.

Intentional Parenting








Life’s busyness tends to interfere with the parenting plans that parents want to deploy for the benefit of their children. This service will help you! :). The session will utilize research-proven strategies offered through the PREPARE/ENRICH WEBSITE: With a suggested donation of $25.00 per session. Group parenting classes are available. Just contact us for consulting services protocols. 

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Small-Group Bible Studies









These Bible studies are based on the devotional book is a beautiful way to share personal experiences as well as rejoice in the blessings received from the resolution of life challenges. Sessions last for 30 minutes each night. You Are Not The Only One the devotional book is also ideal for small group Bible Studies for individuals in any age bracket. You will need a hard copy of the book for you to take notes during each Bible Study. Unless you have digital media that allows you to take notes directly into your e-book. These studies can be completed locally or via FB Messenger Video, or any messing group service that includes a video component. Class size 15 maximum: Suggested donation – love offering each night.

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Pre-and Post-Marital Counseling: SYMBIS & PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator

The ministry also provides and Pre-Marital or Post-Marital advice using the facilitation method of SYMBIS. Joyce is now an ordained minister of Christ with certification as an SYMBIS & PREPARE/Enrich Facilitator. Both assessments are supported by empirical research studies and are based on principles from the Bible.



The SYMBIS Assessment is not a test. The SYMBIS Assessment is not designed as a predictor of success or failure in marriage. Instead, it is a catalyst for personalized insight and exploring how they can leverage the unique combination of their personalities for lifelong love. The process is entirely confidential. The results of the assessments are held privately and will never be made public. Using the SYMBIS Assessment speaks highly of YOU as a couple. The very fact that YOU are investing in YOUR marriage speaks volumes about how much YOU prize each other and YOUR future together. A suggested donation of $30.00 for each 30-50 minute session.

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PREPARE/ENRICH is one of the leading relationship inventory and skill-building programs used nationally and internationally. Built on a solid foundation of 35+ years of research, it has been shown to significantly improve a couple’s relationship. The PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment is customized to a couple’s relationship stage and structure and provides certified facilitators with a detailed report on the couple’s strength and growth areas. A suggested donation of $30.00 for each 30-50 minute session. There are 6-8 sessions for this service. Group facilitation sessions are available to congregations or organizations that offer marriage officiant services. Joyce is a certified facilitator for this assessment. The website charges $35.00 for the evaluation. The first appointment includes paying for the assessment Total Charge $100.00 no tax because we are a 501 (C)(3).  PayPal.Me/urnttonlyone


Wedding Officiant

wedding officiantYou Are Not the Only One Ministries, and Consulting Service Inc. offers wedding services anywhere in SC!

We’d love to help you prepare for your wedding by using the SYMBIS and or the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment to help you begin your life journey together. We will not officiate any weddings where the parties have not received the appropriate pre-wedding advice. Both assessments are supported by empirical research studies and are based on principles from the Bible.


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Educational Consulting: Contracted Services

edcontracting-servicesThis service depends on the needs of the educational institution. Joyce has conducted and written curriculum for elementary grades as well as collaborated with the writing of middle school and high school curriculum. Her Ed. Specialist degree in Educational Leadership is not just a degree. She has worked at the district level in a school district for over 10 years and was also a member of a State Level Federal Program Advisory Council. Her educational career spans over 3 decades. Cost: Per the contractual agreement, but is a minimum of $800.00 per day for each consultation. 

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Grant Writing:

grant writingAs the district’s strategic plan coordinator for a South Carolina School district, Joyce had the experience needed to facilitate grant writing for any school district. As the Federal Programs Facilitator and then Director for a South Carolina School District, Joyce wrote and implemented numbers Federal Programs Grants including Title I, Title II – assisted with the writing of Title III, Title VI. As a member of the SC Title III, Advisory Board Joyce helped in the book of plans and responses to the Federal government concerning how the State of South Carolina implemented its Title III – programs for ESOL students. Cost: 10% of the final allocation of the grant. 

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Christian Advice, Guidance and Consultation


Pastors often have members whose life challenges are daunting, and they need intense biblical assistance. This Pastor is a trained [Masters degree] in pastoral counseling. Receive advice and guidance on life’s challenges provided by a Biblical Worldview standpoint. The strategy utilized in these sessions is Solutions Based Short Term Pastoral Counseling. Suggested donation/love offering $30.00 per session for 6 sessions.  



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What MAKES URNOT’s online services advantageous over traditional face-to-face counseling?

You can connect with your facilitator/Pastor at any time: whether through e-mail, Skype, Messenger, or Facetime. You choose how to communicate with your facilitator/pastor using the methodology that is most convenient for you. The use of technology makes counseling more affordable than face-to-face therapy. URNOT is a Christian service and offers you advice and guidance from a scriptural standpoint. Joyce is trained as a pastoral counselor so, if you are seeking information on spiritual disciplines or are concerned about connecting with God, Biblical wisdom, dealing with spiritual warfare, searching for answers to life’s challenges, then URNOT is the resting place for you.


Identify and Ethics: Pastoral Counseling

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You Are Not The Only One

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