Remain in Him.

This is not God’s sugar daddy or fairy godmother’s response to our prayers. When we go before the throne of God with our petitions, we must know that what we are asking is within the scope of His will for us.

One in particular that is always a source of anger for us is the healing of a loved one. Someone become ill, and we take the asking scripture seriously.  We pray for the person’s complete healing and the restoration of their health. However, God sees fits for that person to end their journey here on earth. Several responses will occur:

  1. We accept the fact presented by Heb 9:7  “And as it is appointed unto men once to die,” but we still experience the empty chair syndrome, and the loss is painful. We pray for the pain to go away and we draw closer to God in our efforts to deal with the loss.
  2. We accept the loss but feel that we need to do something with it or about it.  We immerse ourselves in outreach activities or acts of kindness towards others.  However, we have not dealt with the pain of the loss.  We just push it under a carpet wishing that it will stay there.
  3. We do not accept the fact and the blaming God for the death of the person and our personal pain begins.
    • a. We separate ourselves froM God.
    • b. Depression coupled with anger sets in and we become angry with God.  We distance ourselves from Him.
    • c. We cannot fight with God because we think that in spite of the numerous conversations we have had with Him about this event we have not received an answer.  So we begin to fight with anything upon whom we can inflict the rage and pain that we are experiencing inside. Sometimes it is ourselves-a eating, drinking, clubbing, drugging, and excessive prohibited behaviors binge will occur. Or worse yet we transfer our anger on those who are close to us. Those who have loved us the most.  That can be church family, work friends, our even our loved ones.
    • d. The most common response is the silent treatment and retreat from the world as a whole.

I could continue with a long list of possible answers, but the point is not to beat us up.  Death is a guarantee for us and those whom we love.  As we remain in Him and realize that it is not His will for His people to suffer forever, or for us to stay on this earth in the flesh forever. We do not know when that event will occur for our loved ones. Sometimes it is at birth – this is so painful.  Sometimes it is during their childhood-another type of emotional turmoil.  Sometimes it is when they are young adults.  Sometimes it is before we become adults ourselves. God remains with us throughout all of these experiences.  It is ok to be angry and

It is ok to be angry and express that anger to God. He knows how it feels. He had to retain His anger when He stood in Heaven and watched His only Son die for our sins. He will not retaliate against us when we are angry. It is important to remember that He hears and answers all of our prayers.  The answer may be:

  1. No!
  2. Not yet!
  3. Yes-but not as you expect it to be.
  4. Yes – but not at this immediate time.


Lastly, I have heard folks state that we can ask God for a million dollars and He has to give it to us because this Scripture implies that. Lok at the context surrounding this scripture before we make that huge leap of assumption.

John 15:7 -8 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. 

If giving me, a million dollars will further the Kingdom Mission He will do so. But if giving me a million dollars will cause me to walk away from the vine. Then He will not give it to me. Remaining in Him = remaining on the vine and remaining nourished so tat we can produce fruit!  He does not want us to wither and die spiritually.  He does not want us to become a body sitting in the pew but produces nothing for the furtherance of the Kingdom Mission. He wants us to grow and flourish in Him. Life issues will arise.  Still grow and flourish in Him knowing that He will handle the issues in His time.

Grace and peace to all.  This is a new year. Let us all try to approach it with an attitude of remaining in Him!

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  1. Bueller
    Jan 10, 2017 @ 06:33:28

    This certainly hits close to home after the last couple months. I know I was angry at first because everyone was so young, but then I gave it over to Jesus and he allowed me some peace. Does it stop hurting?? NO!! It will hurt until the end of my days.


    • joyce gerald
      Jan 10, 2017 @ 06:37:58

      Aye, it will hurt for some time. Not at the same intensity, but the emptiness at the table will always be there. It is the looking forward to hugging them again that brings us peace?

      Joyce Gerald



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