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Here we go..
One of my best friends called me on Thursday to inform me that the “DREAM JOB’ she has been coming to an end..she is a massuse at the G…. F…….. inside D….. World…That is the place that the stars ect..stay when they come to D…..-she has been employed for a year there..
To continue, she told me that the job was shutting down for major D….. construction, and they are not sure it will reopen and if it does, not sure there will be a spa there..
the owner owns one other spa at D….., and it goes by seniority, which she doesn’t have much of..there will be 50 massage therapist out of work today..:(

So she had an appointment today (monday) so right when she told me we prayed for her need..That she knew getting this job was by the Lord and lots of our prayers, and that it allows her the joy of trying to have a we knew only by the Lord and prayer would she keep it…..AND STILL TO OUR EYES IT SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE..I mean it’s D….. and every thing goes by seniority, and the union can get involved if not done that way…but we prayed..

Mary has just called me to say that in her meeting with her general manager, he proceeded to say these words..

“Mary, you are the last person that we are KEEPING on this are an amazingly hard worker, you are always kind to all those you speak have received over 200 guest compliments and positive comments in the YEAR you have been here..we are going to accept what ever monetary problem it may create with the union, because we believe that you are an amazing asset to our team, and we do not want to loose you”…
Mary will be relocated to the second busiest spa in D…..:) She called me immediately whe she got home…

If you lived here and work or worked for D….. you would know how much power that must be….
WWHHOOOO HHOHOOOOOOO I love seeing prayers come true..He shows me more and more everyday..(for a newbie that is amazing) FAITH, building it up…:)

Thanks for letting me share..
peace out

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  1. Wynette aka Flip Flip
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 14:25:10

    Barbara that is AMAZING! It does not matter if you are a Newbie or an old hand at the celebration of prayer. God determines whose prayers are answered and whose is not. He knew that the day you were conceived! I can totally understand why the Lord would pick you to glorify his name. As Em has told you in the past, God is doing a GOOD WORK in you. He has big plans for your life and you never hesitate to give Him the glory! Thank you Barbara for recognizing where the credit lies and the glory belongs!
    Praise your name Father!!!


  2. Bernice
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 18:16:52

    Praise God!


  3. Joyce Gerald/EM
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 21:03:18

    Praise him indeed!


  4. Barbara Woods-Harris
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 18:03:08

    lol Wyn, you are so right…trying to be open to those plans..


  5. Joyce Gerald/EM
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:38:04

    It is critical that we are..or we go array.. and it is harder to get back to our spiritual center!


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